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International Communication Specialist

As International Communication Specialist, I can help analyse and improve your organisational communication. Whether you want to position your organisation in a new (international) market or present a new product. I can help create a suitable marketing or communication strategy.

Furthermore I can develop a digital marketing plan and create a content strategy for your organisation. All you have to do is publish posts and enjoy the many benefits of a well developed digital marketing plan. Strengthen your brand identity and image and learn how to use social media and the internet to your advantage.

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Content is key for your digital marketing strategy. In order to remain revelant your company needs to maintain a strong online presence. You also need to make sure your brand identity is displayed through your online and offline organisational communication. To do this you need content. I can create social media posts, write white papers or blog posts and write articles for your newsletter or company magazine.

Good writing is an essential part of your organisational communication. Well written texts help boots your image as a reliabe and trustworthy company. Many people struggle with writing good texts. This is why it is always important to let someone proofread texts you want to publish. Let me proofread and correct texts for your website, articles you want to publish or newsletters you want to send.

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Do you have texts that you want to be translated? I can translate texts in the following languages:

  • Dutch – English
  • English – Dutch
  • German – English
  • German – Dutch

For my translations I can use my background as an International Communication Specialist. Example given: You have a Dutch blog post that you want translated for use in the U.K. or the U.S. I can make sure the translated text resonates with your target audience and that the correct writing style is used. I can also make sure translated texts display your brand identity and are in line with your content strategy.

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